Business Dutch Courses

Due to increasing internationalisation, more and more non-Dutch speakers are coming to live and work in the Netherlands. At first glance, it may seem unnecessary to learn Dutch because English is well understood throughout the Netherlands. However, mastering the Dutch language is an important factor in quickly and successfully integrating into Dutch culture – not just at work but also in daily life.

Our business Dutch courses focus on introducing participants to Dutch business usage or adding to their existing knowledge. The courses we provide are tailored to the company, the position and the individual goals of the course participants.

It is important for non-native speakers to be proficient in the Dutch language as well as to have a proper understanding of the Dutch people, their way of working and their style of doing business. We supervise our participants’ efforts to improve their communication with Dutch-speaking colleagues, with a focus on cultural differences and the way these manifest in the  workplace.

You can attend these language courses at our training centre in the centre of Amsterdam or at your company location anywhere in the Netherlands.

The subjects handled in our business Dutch courses include:

  • making contact
  • conducting social conversations
  • conducting telephone conversations
  • taking part in meetings or discussions
  • preparing and giving presentations
  • making a sales pitch
  • negotiating
  • correspondence: e-mails, letters, price quotes, invoices, brochures, reports
  • business culture
  • applying for a job
  • Preparation for the Staatsexamen Nt2 I and II

We train:

  • managers in various professions and industries
  • expatriates and their families
  • medical specialists
  • off-site employees
  • on-site employees
  • call centre employees
  • receptionists
  • secretarial and back office staff

You can follow our business Dutch courses in any one of our convenient, centrally located training facilities in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht, remote (online) or at your own offices.